Crystal Healing Seminar

Crystal Healing Seminar

Gem Stones are alive and they have will, they even have character. they have power to heal and support and empower us.

We can find many different Gem Stones all over the world, each stone has its unique role and power to heal

Understanding and becoming good friends with Gem Stones always help healers to offer better service for the clients, Gem Stones that are great tool for healing.

CRYSTAL HEALING BASIC 1day 11:00-19:00

History of Crystal Healing Record from Atlantis
Recommended gem stones for healing
・Gem stones applicable for any kind of conditions
・Gem stones for deep healing of heart, emotions sexuality
・Gem stones for gaining passion and vitality
・Gem stones for awakening Psychic avility
・Gemstomes for healing and fixing of aura and etheric body

Good relationship with gem stones
How to cleanse gem stones  


Gem stone Healing Modality
  Setting of gem stones for body
  Atlantis Crystal Healing

The fee
Basic   1day  25,000 yen
 Advanced 1day  35,000 yen


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