Ensofic Ray Healing Seminar

Ensofic Ray Healing Seminar

What is Ensofic Ray Healing Modality?

The EnSofic Ray Healing Modality is a extremely powerful system of healing that is based on the Ray from the source of all, the En-Sof.

The EnSofic Ray is pure, the highest and most powerful ray of creation in the universe.

We all prepare ourselves to be ready to live our lives to accomplish our mission before we were born to this planet earth.
We create sort of 'map' within ourselves to navigate ourselves in our life, It is also called blueprint, the information and data of what you do in your life, where you go in your life, what you learn in your life etc are engraved in this blurprint.

But we all have freewill and sometimes we get lost in our path of the life. When we walk away from our divine path we were supposed to take, your life often become difficult, you might find confusion mentally or emotionally, or you might find problem of health.

Ensofic Ray healing modality helps you to awaken your original true self within, and helps you to be back on your divine path you are supposed to walk.
It also helps you to awaken your own divine gift within so that you could accomplish your divine mission in your life.

Ensofic Ray Healing Seminar is the program for those who wish to serve humanity by offering this healing modality.
As certified practitioner of Ensofic Ray Healing modality, you can offer Ensofic Ray healing session which is consisted of 3 sessions.


Level 1 (3 hours) About Ensofic Ray
Level 2 (3 hours) holding the Ray and light
Level 3 (9 hours) Training as a practitioner

Training for this healing modality requires the following:
Certification in Jikiden Reiki (levels 1 and 2).
"Jikiden" meaning "direct lineage", or Reiki as it was originally handed down to Mikao Usui with no changes to the methodology. Please bring your Jikiden Reiki certificates (English copies only) for levels 1 and 2 in order to be admitted.

The fee(Level 1-3):120,000 yen
Cost of class includes manual and certification.


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