Upgrading skills classes

Upgrading skills classes

As healer/therapist, it is very important to keep leaning and training
to offer higher quality service to our clients

Psychic Reading Training
It is important to train your psychic abilities in order to read the energy in the client's energy field acculately.

Psychic Abilies are:Clairvoyance、Clairaudience、Clairsentience
Clairvoyance:ability to see higher frequency like aura of people and objects
Clairaudience:ability to catch the sound in different frequencies.
Clairsentience:ability to recognize eneryg through taste, smelling, or feeling


Making stronger connection with your higher self 
To serve as healer /therapist is that you help and support your clients become better condition and happier.

One of the many important things for healers and therapist is that to serve in the highest energy/frequency, in the best condition

The foundation is that the healer/therapist is firmly connected with higher self and hold the highest energy.
Training yourself to be able to hold the highest energy so that you could offer high quality sessions

Inner child healing

We often get influenced by environment in our lives.

Especially by our experience in our childhood, relationship with our parents, that will effect yourself with your personality, pattern of emotion and feeling, relationship with parents often effect your relationship of yourpartner.

We grow and are raised to apply to our culture and society, through education and often we lose our identity, what you really are.

This class is to support your clients to be able to live being honest to themselves, by healing inner child within them.


Good relationship with your partner is usually one of the things people want most in their lives.
Also learning through partnership is usually the biggest theme in our lives. 

What is the relationship between partners?
Why am I with this person?
Why am I dealing with this issue in this relationship?
What kind of spiritual meaning behind this partnership?

People want happy partnership, find a perfect partner.
But often people have blockage of emotion or thought which need to be healed and released.

Change after the giving birth,
Nature and difference between men and women,
History of men and women on this planet

In order to offer better service to our clients, it is important to be close with the client through our hearts,
To make our clients feel comfortable, it is good to know the counseling method.

Relationship between body and spirit 
Our physical body is amazingly made, it is divine temple.
Our body knows ourselves more than you do,
Listening to your body you can know yourself.

We call 'sickness'or 'desease'but it is actually the expression of our heart.
Learning about our body helps us to understand the client's need

For example, those who have stiff shoulders have usually feel too much responsibility, the shoulders are saying the person to recognize
What you are feeling responsible and decide what you need to be responsible.

Sometimes your clients comes to your session with some pain in their body or in some kind of uncomfortable physical condition

Understanding our physical body often helps healers
to support clients better.


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Upgrading skills classes
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